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The More You Know…Here Are 6 Fun Tom Wahl’s Facts For Your New Year’s Day!
January 1st is a day for goal setting, habit breaking, journey taking and memory making. We realize that most of you are spending today reflecting on 2018, jotting down ideas for things you wish to start, stop or change in 2019. Some of you may have already started your new year’s adventure. Maybe you’re at the gym beginning a workout routine. Maybe you’re reading a book in an attempt to watch less TV. Maybe you’re cleaning out closets trying to become organized. Or maybe you’re at Tom Wahl’s eating a burger and drinking a homemade root beer in an effort to enjoy life to the fullest!
Whatever personal resolutions you make this year…we wish you much success staying strong and sticking to them. And while you’re hard at work creating a list filled with lifestyle changes, feel free to take a procrastination moment and read these 6 Tom Wahl’s facts that are sure to help you achieve your goals! Just kidding. They really won’t achieve anything. They’re just fun to read…and fun is good.

6 Fun Tom Wahl’s Facts You Might Not Know:
1. The original Tom Wahl’s location is in Avon, NY. It opened as an ice cream and root beer stand in 1955.
2. Tom Wahl’s has been in business for an amazing 64 years! Another fun fact? We aim to be in business for another 64 years too!
3. Tom Wahl’s served 92,000 burgers & 124,000 French fries to hungry, happy customers at the Avon restaurant location in 2018!
4. We still hand-press burgers daily using a glass pie plate, just like Tom did when he started. Because we hand-press, every burger is unique in its own way…just like you!
5. All of our restaurant locations have real Wurlitzer 1015 Jukeboxes. These post-war era rock & roll machines take our guests back in time to the 1950’s.
6. One batch of our homemade root beer yields 203 frosted mugs! How many mugs can you drink?
Happy New Year from all of us at Tom Wahl’s! We wish you a year full of happy days & delicious burgers!
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