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Same Great Food - New Great Website!
At Tom Wahl's, we like to keep things fresh. From our burgers and salads to our root beer floats and employee haircuts...everything we serve is bubbling over in freshness. And do you know what is even fresher than our website? Our BRAND NEW website - that's what! 

We believe that delicious food deserves a delicious website, and the new is hot off the grill and cooked to perfection! Don't worry, we are still serving the same mind-blowing food at all of our locations. Only now, our food online will make you try to smell your iPhone and eat your tablet (Note: Tom Wahl's is not responsible for any partially eaten or fully consumed electronic devices).

Here are some of the life changing features you can expect from our new website:
  • Brand New Mobile Design: We just got mobilier than ever before with our new mobile friendly experience! iPhones, Androids, Windows...we don't discriminate. Pull up our new mobile and let the smartphone sniffing commence!
  • Deliciously Updated Menu: Again, no worries on the recipe and food changes here. We simply cleaned up our menu display to make it look as mouthwatering online as it does when it is right in front of you.
  • News, News, and More News: We've added an entire articles section so you can stay hip with everything Tom Wahl's! FYI: If you're reading've discovered our articles. How's that for news?!
  • Calling All Food Trucks: Now you can reserve our fry-tastic Food Truck right from the convenience of your smartphone! Again...we don't discriminate. LG, Galaxy, Blackberry, blueberry, strawberry - it's all "berry" good to us!
  • Overall Greatness: We completely overhauled our online look so you feel like you are sitting at a booth in one of our restaurants...Wahlburger in one hand, root beer in the other. You can almost taste it, can't ya?
Here are some of the oldies but goodies you can expect from our new website:
  • Coupons: Of course we kept these on our site. Don't be crazy! Now they are just easier to find, quicker to load, and as money saving as ever! Cha-Ching!
  • Gift Cards: Who wouldn't want a Tom Wahl's gift card for any occasion? If you know someone who wouldn't...we would suggest finding a new friend, and then buying that friend a Tom Wahl's gift card ONLINE!
  • Locations: Burgers are our specialty - not secrets. Our locations are right out front so you can spot us anywhere! Heck, type in your zip code and we'll basically come to you! #Kidding #NotKidding.
  • Avon Concert Series: It's back and it's better than ever! We would never want you to miss out on FREE entertainment in the summer! Check out the schedule and head on over...we'll save you a seat.
So while you're waiting for our concert series to begin or for your ground steak to be smothered in killer toppings, pull up the all new Tom Wahl's website and fall in love with us all over again! (Note: We love you too!)

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